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This feature allows you to see if there are trips that would match yours, before you register your trip. Results do not include contact info - to contact other travelers, you must register your trip.

To perform a trip search:

  • Enter from and to addresses. These may be common locations (Statue of Liberty), intersections (3rd St & Main St, New York, NY), or street addresses (555 Main Street, New York, NY). For best results include a city and state.
  • Choose your desired date and time of arrival.
  • Choose your time search criteria:
    • number of days from 0 to 14
    • hours from 0 to 23
    • minutes from 0 to 59
  • Click the search button to initiate the search.

Please use this form to quickly determine if there are registrants that might be potential carpool matches, either for a regular commute or a one time trip. With this quick search you may be as general or specific as you like regarding dates and locations. The results will show whether matches are available to you - but to see contact information, you will need to register with our rideshare service. Thank you!

* Indicates a required field.

Search for trips within of this date/time.

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